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Kodigo Saju revolutionized the local building industry by blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to produce high quality custom luxury homes that were built to suit your dreams.

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization of building the perfect luxury home. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our developments incorporate innovative technologies to build smart homes to save energy and cost.

Kodigo Saju knows strong foundation is the key for quality, excellence in a full spectrum of preconstruction, design development, construction, interior design management, inspection, and quality control services.

We built your luxury dream home which will be truly unique, featuring unparalleled custom designs, finishes, cabinetry and detail. Our quality is just part of what sets us apart from other home builders. Kodigo Saju provides its clients with a level of unprecedented service, client satisfaction and unmatched quality.

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Our Services

Construction Solutions

We provide a complete architecture drawing & design service including free initial consultation, planning applications , building regulations and Structural Engineer calculations.

Construction Services

We provide professional home building engineering services to ensure the structure of your dream home is built with the certified materials for safty and durability.

Construction Management

We are home design experts who would love to help you maximize the potential of your custom luxury home. Our team of interior designers can provide stylish and fresh ideas to decorate your dream home.

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Construction services

Custom Home Buidling

We take pride in our custom home building. Each home designed, developed & built for your own style & pleasure.

Customzied luxury homes built for your taste. Our main objective is to suite the needs our clients while streamlining costs and establishing fixed schedules. We want to help you ensure your future, as we build your project with you in the most efficient, timely, and cost effective manner, while still delivering you the highest quality end result.

We are experts in foreseeing and anticipating is a given when it comes to build custom homes. We strive to solve problems, not to give you problems. When acting as a General Contractor, part of the daily process is coaching and training in order to have the highest quality crew. Selecting the proper team is a key factor in the success of any job. To work with our firm as a sub-contractor, we require not only skill and punctuality, but also the highest standard of work ethics.



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Kodigo Saju builts all homes using smart home automation which are energy efficiency and essential part of our design planning process. Energy efficiency, combined with high performance and ease of use is essential for our clients. Making energy efficient choices help our clients save about 33% on their electric bill with similar savings of greenhouse gas emissions, without sacrificing features, style or comfort.

Our smart home technology team can install and setup your home with the latest products and solutions on the market. We can intergrate your mobile device to be able to control many of your appliances, security and HVAC from anywhere in the world.

A home’s heating and cooling system account for 48 percent of a home’s energy use. The design of an energy-efficient home should consider high-efficiency heating and cooling systems that use less energy. For example, the most efficient HVAC system is 95 percent efficient; meaning 5 percent of the energy produced is lost. It is imperative that HVAC professionals install the systems in accordance with ENERGY STAR homes. Improper installation of an HVAC lessens the efficiency of a system by up to 30 percent. VRF and variable speed HVAC systems are some of the most efficient systems available.

Let our team of professional construction experts design and build the perfect energy saving home using the latest industry standard products.

Contact us for all your custom home build.

Our team of professional custom home building sales and consulting team are availalbe to help you with all your questions. We offer FREE consulting regarding your property needs. Contact us and we will have our team ready to help you built your next dream home.


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